Classic Enduro – The Best is Yet to Come!!

Two of the best classic enduro events for 2014 are still come:

Welshpool Classis Enduro 10th August 2014

The Welshpool is set to be a classic, using the Outrax Enduro Track, it is a twisty and technical track, and if it rains you will get muddy (along with your bike), but after the event you will know you have had a great days riding, in a stunning location and have a smile on your mud splattered face.

Hot Trod Vinduro 20/21 September 2014

VinduroUK are back with the original and still the best classic enduro event there is, the Hot Trod. A great two day event set in the Northumberland countryside.

Both events can be using the Entry Central website

Log on, fill in the details, pay with your debit or credit card and that’s it you are entered.

…………………… may even recognise the the fat bloke with the dirty face at both events

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Ted Goddard’s Qualifier Lives!

Lucky Geoff Woods in Australia went out one day to buy an old ’77 Qualifier. He later discovered, he had acquired a rather special bike. Geoff tells the story:

In 2012 I needed a bike to ride in vinduros  so a good mate offered me an old Can-Am that he had stored in a container for the last 25 years. We used to trail ride together during the eighties on this bike.

He bought it from  a motorcycle shop  in Condobolin on consignment from the owner in approx  1982 or 1983 . There was a rumour that it was an old race bike because there were painted marks with the number 190 on headstock, carb, engine, rear hub and swing arm. With some research  I was able to determine that it was originally owned and raced by Australian Can-Am dealer Ted Goddard at the Czechozlavakian 6 day ISDT in 1977.

I contacted  Jeff Smith and he explained that it started as a 1975 175  TNT frame which was then modified by changing rear shock angle, changing rear brake actuation to rod, machining down rims for easier tyre changes , supertrapp muffler, K & N air filter  &  a 250 engine with oil pump disconnected.  It was then restamped as a 1977 250 Qualifier for the 6 day. Hence the 2 V.I.N. numbers.

During the restoration I spoke to Ted a few times and exchanged many emails regarding the bike. Ted told Peter Drakeford about the bike when he was one of the guest speakers at the gala dinner at the 2013 Broardford bike bonanza. Peter & Ted invited me to display the bike at the 2014 event which was a great honour as I was able to meet Ted in person.

The 2014  Bonanza was also a great honour for Ted as he was joint winner of the inaugural, Legend  of Motorcycling  from Motorcycling Australia. He was very pleased to see his 77 Qualifier for the first time in 37 years. I have not made the bike as  new, more as it would have raced the 6 day.

Ted Goddard at the ISDT

Ted’s  International Six Day Trial (ISDT) career started in 1976, where he rode a Can-Am and took home a silver medal.

In 1977, Australia fielded its first ever Trophy Team in the tough Czech ISDT and although no riders finished the tough event (Ted had mechanical problems), Ted would take a further bronze medal in Sweden in 1978 who was Team Manager and general co-ordinator of the Aussie effort.

The German ISDT in 1979 was the fourth year Ted has been to the ISDT (and scored a silver) and he then retired from organisational responsibilities the year Australia won the Watling Trophy for the most improved nation, a true recognition of his efforts.

Ted has been a Can-Am rider as soon as the marque became known (having only been launched in 1973) and helped many riders get rides in the ISDT even on competing brands. Ted is also known as the founder of Barkbusters and a pivotal member of the team that brought the ISDE to Australia in 1992 in Cessnock, NSW.

Ted’s son Michael carries on the family name racing both Safari and Grand Prix bikes in Australia.

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The latest rebuild – the Canned-Ham Qualifier 175!

There comes a time when you turn 50 and decide that you really need a mid-life crisis. The result is an insanely expensive rebuild of a Qualifier II 175.

Big thanks to Ady Kent of Motax Restorations for taking on the project and despite my endless nagging and changing of mind, he persevered and delivered a superb rebuild. Other supporters of the project included Tony Murphy for the engine parts, Tony at DC Plastics for plastics, Trimmania for the seat, Martin at MotoSWM for headlight and Mark at Kamar for the YSS shocks.

The original bike was the first officially imported Can-Am into the UK and spent its early years at the hands of various dealers and trade shows trying to drum up sales and dealerships. Liberated from a shed from the the original importer, 30 years of damp meant a full rebuild, including a replacement NOS frame.

The midlife crisis demanded something different, so the custom seat, black wheels, MX plastics on a Qualifier, SWM headlight and the other modifications gave me a unique bike.  Soon to be seen being thrown down the track at the next vintage enduro event!

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Support the Sport!

A couple of new names are on the scene for classic Can-Am parts and old school enduros for twinshock bikes

Graham “Grip” Waywell and a few friends are now hosting classic friendly enduros and other events in North Wales. The events will be mainly Hare and Hounds type, but will be classic friendly courses. Check it out at and give them your support by signing up for the first event.

Glenn and Michele Grier have put their experience of running a Ski-Doo/Can-Am dealership and vintage MX racing into a new business called Vintage Roost. Based in Stony Plain, Alberta, they are aiming at supplying a number of key Can-Am and vintage MX parts. They even have foot peg springs!  Glenn has more parts than what he lists on the site so drop him an email with your needs.

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The Auroux Retro Enduro – Old Karibou Racing

Responding to an invite from fellow Can-Am fanatic Fabrice Guitard, I found myself in the south of France taking on the Auroux Classic Enduro. While I didn’t fare well, winding myself in the early going, the event was truly brilliant. Set in the rural countryside with rocky going, steep climbs and a 50 mile lap, it was a true enduro. Plus the range of bikes from BPS’s, Portal’s, CCS’s etc, gave it a truly unique experience. Checkout Graham Waywell’s excellent photo’s at

But best of all I became an honorary member of Old Karibou Racing.

The Captain is Philippe Vellas, an ex top flight French enduro rider. With 4 years with the French SWM team riding with Giles Lalay, his race record in the very tough and competitive French enduro championship includes: 1983 – 2nd on a Puch Frigeirio 250, 1982 – 5th on a SWM 125, 1981 – 2nd on a SWM 175 and 1979 – 9th on a BPS 125. During 1983 Philippe then moved to Husqvana for the next two years where he competed in the ’83 and ’84 ISDE.

Unfortunately a bad accident finished his racing career for over 20 years, until he discovered vintage enduro. And on his return what was his weapon of choice?, yep a 280 Can-Am Qualifier.

Philippe is now one of the leading competitors in the French vintage enduro championship, including a 3rd at the Auroux 2012. Not bad considering the two riders ahead of him were Laurent Pidoux and Frederique Olivier!

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