Time for a Rebore – Website Update

Well we’ve raced for a couple of years on the same website, but its now time for a rebore. Over the next few weeks, when time and work allow, the website will be updated. As I plan on a major overhaul it will take some time and therefore over the few weeks some information will get moved around and some pages may be blank as Scott adds more capacity for me to post items.

But it will all be worth it. I plan on doubling the current information on the website and adding some new features.

And if you have any information, old photo’s, or memories of Can-Ams Let me know.

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A Real Classic Canned-Ham

Canned-Ham, along with an interview of Jeff Smith giving the history of Can-Am, features in this months Real Classic bike magazine.

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Canned-Ham joins Facebook

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Yes its true, I have bowed to modern peer pressure and have joined Facebook.

The website will not change in terms of content, although I hope to do more updates, but i will use the Facebook page for posting photo’s and for anyone who wants to ask any questions or share anything.

The Canned-Ham page is here :


My personal page is here :



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Can-Ams for sale – Buffalo NY

Jeff Ward, well known in the Can-Am community and better known as a3406pk on the Yahoo forum for Can-Ams is thinning out his collection. He has the following bikes for sale, all located near Buffalo NY.

One of the more original 80 Qualifiers Jeff owned from new. Everything but the levers are original, bike was never touched, lights work. Bike has spent the last 25 years in a basement so it does have some surface rust, but does runs very very well. $1150.00

This 77 250 was put together just as a fun rider. Showa remote shocks, late ASE disk brake front end, long stroke premix mx5 250 with a Mikuni, cases ported, short rotary valve, cylinder ported, cylinder head dome welded and reshaped. 050 Bosch ignition. It flys but would be faster with a better pipe.  Jeff does have a ATK 250 pipe that was going to go on it but never did. $1450.00

And finally, a 80 350 qualifier. Late style 350 cylinder fresh .040 bore with Wiseco. New seat cover, Mkuni carb, Bosch 050 SDI. New petcock, engine was completely gone thru. $1250.00

If your interested drop me a line at canamachris@gmail.com and I will pass on Jeff’s contact details to  you.

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I have received some of updates on two bikes that are being rebuilt.

The first is from Fabrice Guitard, a TnT 250 that I originally helped source and ship over to France. Fabrice has done some great rebuilds previously, including a 370 powered ’77 Qualifier rebuilt as a Jeff Smith ISDT replica.

The second is from Dave Hurling who is nearly complete his own ’77 Qualifier.

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