Location: England

What do you do when you can’t source a TnT? Get yourself a Military model, some paint and a tank.

Pleased you like her, female of course! she cost just a couple of quid over 2k including the cost of two donor bikes (spare running motor and loads of bits now) the modern decals are now available from MXM in Newcastle for £50 or so cause I have paid for the art work and they now have it saved so at least once I start using and abusing her I can always freshen her up with new decals. Wheels are rebuilt on powder coated military hubs with new stainless rims and spokes (£400 North East Wheel Rebuilds) I will be glad to bore you silly with the nightmare of getting rid of nato green when I see you. All said I am very happy with how she turned out and I now have a gorgeous classic bike I can use and get spares for ( piles of them in my shed)

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