Location: Virginia, USA

I bought a TNT 175 brand new early in 1974 (Jan-Feb) in N Syracuse, NY. As I recall it also had a serial # ending in 10! I have had many over the years including a big collection of bikes, new old stock parts, a lighted dealer sign, etc but I had to get rid of most of it after a bad divorce left me broke. Darn ex wife! I currently have an 83 250 mx/lc that I went with a friend of mine when he bought it new at Robonson Cycle in Rochester NY. He rode it very little and moved to Seattle where it sat for 20+ years. I finally got him to give it to me and I had it shipped to Richmond Va. It doesn’t need a lot, it is finally stripped to the bare frame, starting to refurb it and put it back together. The 83′s seem to be very rare I don’t think they made many.

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