Location: Nevada

I have a 1974 Can-Am 175 MX that I race in vintage super senior motocross and hare scrambles (over 55, any c.c.’s). I bought the bike in 2008 and my first race on it was the 2009 AMA Racing Vintage Grand Championships at Mid-Ohio Vintage Days in Lexington, Ohio. I won my class in the Vintage Hare Scrambles and was in the top 10 overall. I was invited to the Las Vegas AMA Awards Banquet and received the class number one plate, it was a great time.

When I bought the bike it was all original, even the tires. It is still all stock except I changed the tires, fenders, number plates, bars and levers so they would not be damaged while racing.

The reason I wanted a 1974 Can-Am 175 MX is because I raced one in 1974 for a dealer, from that I knew how strong they were, they were the strongest running 175 of the time.

This past 2010 AMA Vintage days I bought a 1975 175 MX2 in pieces, I hope to restore it.

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