Paul K

Location: Australia

For anyone who has read VMX magazine, Paul is a well known character. Check out issue 42 for a profile of his bikes.

I’ve been involved with Can-Ams since 1977 when I purchased a new 175 O/R. I have a fair collection of Can-Am bikes, literature and memorabilia and like you I’m always looking for more.

My collection has reduced a little lately as I’ve moved a couple of bikes and parts to get some more Can-Ams out and about. I hate to sell but sometimes there can be circumstances to warrant it. I still have 13 Can-Ams at the moment but I’ve been telling the missus I need to buy another to get off the bogey number – well, that’s my story and I’ll stick to it! (she reckons I’ll get the same result if I sell one rather than buying another – they’ve got no idea!).

See the News section for Paul’s incredible story for getting Gary Jones and Jimmy Ellis together for a reunion

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