Location: London, Ontario

I am the proud owner of a bike that the sales brochures, and reference material do not mention.

I am in London Ontario and when I was 17 my mother bought me my first dirt bike. A local farm implement dealer had 2 1978 Can Am 125 MX4s for his son to race. One was a primary bike and the other was his back up. Since his primary bike never broke, and the backup rarely ridden, at the end of the season he sold the back up. It was like new. That is the one my mother bought for me. It is serial number 8840 000047. Allegedly only about 50 were produced. Being an under employed high school student, and more interested in riding that fixing, when an electrical problem occurred (motoplat fastener came loose and rattled until it cracked) 2 years later, the bike was put in a shed and left there. A few years later it ended up in northern Ontario where my future (now current) father in law lived as he was going to fix it but never did. The bike sat in a garage an hour north of Sault Ste Marie for 25 years until I got the bug to ride again in 2007. The bike was shipped back, but I had no parts and the repair manual long lost so I bought a Honda XR 400 to ride while sourcing parts and information. After a year I had enough parts and a shop manual to get the bike together and after 30 or 40 kicks, it roared to life. It still needs work to make it what it could be (suspension and brakes need attention) but starts easily and runs fast. Regretfully, my primary bike, the XR 400 decided to throw me off it in August of 2009 and 5 broken ribs later (and a dislocated knee in the winter of 2010) meant I have not been on either for a year and a half.

I am attaching some photos of the 125 MX4 as it looked when I got it back from up north before I started bringing it back to life. I will point out that it still has the original tires, chain and sprockets. The plastic is all original except fot the missing side number plates. (they would catch in the springs of the rear shocks and bulge out causing my feet to slide off the pegs periodically) Spring of 2011 will be when it next sees the dirt as I am fully recovered, and ready to ride.

Thanks for your site and your dedication to Can Ams. It was only by chance that I got involved with them over 30 years ago. I am still amazed with the bike when ever I ride it

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