New Workshop

Canned-Ham has moved into a new workshop! After putting up with my old dark and drafty workshop for far too long, I had a new fully insulated workshop built, complete with stylish windows and doors. Supplied by ProWorkshops, the new building should allow me to finally complete some long running projects and to finally display some of the accumulated memorabilia.

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Just because its a Can-Am banner

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Canned-Ham Decals Are Here!!

Canned-Ham decals have arrived. These high quality waterproof vinyl decals would make a great addition to your bike, toolbox and or anything Can-Am.  Measuring about 4″ long, they are available free to any loyal Canned-Ham supporter……………..well with a little catch.

I’m sure you can all appreciate it all costs money to find, purchase, scan and post the information on this website. All the documents you see I own the original hard copies too (except where noted) and all have been scanned and posted for your assistance. In addition, I have to pay the for the hosting of the website and for certain items for technical support.

Recent updates have added considerable documents in the technical section. I want to research more, source more documents and add more of the history of Can-Am. So in order to do this, I only ask that you donate £3/$5/€5 and I will send you some decals. Postage from the UK to USA/Canada is nearly $2, so you can see there isn’t a lot of money being made. If you have made a donation recently for manuals, then I have already sent  you some, or will do so shortly.


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