Location: UK

My Bombardier is not a true Can-Am as its got parts from Suzuki, Honda etc on it. It’s a case of when it brakes what’s the cheapest thing to fix it with to keep it running!!. The left hand switch gear is of a GSXR750, the speedo cable is off a GSX250. Rear tail light and holder is off a TS50x and indicators off a TS50x, headlight is of a RD250. Homemade alloy chain guard using the original as a pattern, homemade alloy side panels. Homemade battery box minus a battery. horns off a Vauxhall Cavalier, KN air filter, Honda flasher relay, homemade wiring loom, rear carrier off a unknown Suzuki, homemade two seater seat with fibreglass seat, Honda rear foot rests, homemade rear foot rest brackets, homemade front wheel spindle, homemade front mud guard bracket…..that’s all I can think of offhand but sure there’s more, so if you’re a purest you’re going to hate it! It may sound really customised but in real life it’s a bucket, brush painted and stone chips galore.

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